Drunk Alpaca

Here are some of my websites. Everything in the Website I illustrated and created in illustrator and Photoshop. The websites I made using brackets, Dreamweaver and word press. This website was a brewery website. It was based off of the Deep Ellum Brewery and 4 Pines website. I decided to go with something hipster and grungy, I decided to call my brewery “The Drunk Alpaca.” I had so much fun doing the poster effect and illustrations for the website. Click and explore Yall!!!


Amethyst Boutique

For this website I wanted to create something earthy and bohemian. So I came up with this cute and fresh layout for the website. I got inspiration from and tried to incorporate that feel to my website. Click and explore!? This website includes videos and some cool images for fashion based enthusiast.

amethyst Boutique