Here are some of my recent publication pages. From Magazines to small books, and a couple newsletters and brochures.Click on each publication to see the full book, magazine…etc. All my stuff as a certain style to it and I tend to enjoy aesthetics.



My challenge was to create a 16 page magazine. I was able to reference multiple magazines such as: Wired magazine, Computer Arts, Texas Monthly, and many others to see how they created their layout. I also used Pexels and Unsplash to look for high quality images for my magazine. I created everything else in Indesign, placing all the components together to create my magazine.


maya mia thumb

Maya Mia

Maya Mia is a superfood aliment book. It is a dietary guide based off of what the Mayans used to eat and the health benefits they got when consuming these foods. Now we take a more modern book and see what’s so super about superfood.

edure cover

Endure UI/UX

Endure is and application user interface process book. It shows you step by step how: logos, app wireframes, computer/tablet wireframes, color schemes, and much more was created and put together.